Only Bernie Sanders Can Prevent Donald Trump From Sitting in the Oval Office

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 14:  Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at a campaign fundraising re
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 14: Democratic presidential candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks at a campaign fundraising reception at the Avalon Hollywood nightclub on October 14, 2015 in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles, California. The fundraiser takes place on the day following the first Democratic presidential debate of the race, where Sanders faced off with frontrunner, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and three other candidates. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Fresh off the public relations victory from a bungled and partisan Benghazi hearing, Hillary Clinton and her supporters are no doubt riding high with confidence and gleeful indignation. However, circling the wagons over politically motivated attacks won't correlate to a victory on Election Day, and few politicians can win the presidency with negative favorability ratings.

For the record, I'm a lifelong Democrat and I explain why I'm voting only for Bernie Sanders in this YouTube segment.

In addition, I list 10 reasons in this YouTube segment why only Bernie Sanders beats Trump, but the billionaire defeats Hillary Clinton in a general election.

Hillary Clinton is a polarizing figure for both Republicans and many progressives. Even with polls extolling Clinton's lead within the Democratic Party, underlying data shows that low voter turnout could result in a GOP victory. A CBS News article titled Hillary Clinton still leads Democratic race undermines its own title by stating some inconvenient truths regarding favorability numbers:

Just under half of Democratic primary voters nationwide say they would enthusiastically support Clinton if she became the party's nominee. Twenty-seven percent would support her with some reservations and another 11 percent would only back her because she is the nominee. Fourteen percent would not support her in a general election.

In order for any Democrat to win in 2016, a nominee can't have "fourteen percent" of Democratic voters staying home on Election Day and not supporting Clinton in an election. Since there are progressives supporting Bernie Sanders who make me look like Huma Abedin, the possibility of a mutiny of progressives on Election Day, if Clinton is the nominee, isn't just hyperbole.

Also, it doesn't bode well for Democrats when "twenty-seven percent would support her with some reservation" and "11 percent would only back her" to prevent a Republican in the White House.

Even with Clinton's ability to circumvent controversy, and an ongoing FBI investigation of her emails, these attributes aren't enough to earn complete support and enthusiasm from around 25% of Democrats who either won't support Hillary Clinton, or will grudgingly support the former Secretary of State.

Donald Trump wins with low voter turnout on Election Day.

Add to Clinton's hurdles the prospect of Donald Trump harping endlessly about real or fabricated scandals, in addition to his donations to Clinton and her Foundation, and Democrats could hand the presidency to a reality show billionaire.

You can't tell Americans that you're different from another candidate after having accepted money from the person and attended his wedding. ABC News writes that, "At the GOP debate, Trump said that Clinton had 'no choice' but to attend the wedding, because of how much money he donated to her foundation."

Already, polls show Bernie Sanders beating Trump by a wider margin than Clinton. I explain in detail why Sanders can defeat Trump in this YouTube segment. Furthermore, while Sanders showed immense class in saying "Enough of the emails!" Trump would harp endlessly on every scandal and controversy (real or fabricated) associated with both Clintons.

Hillary Clinton's defiance amidst controversy, an attribute seen as a strength by supporters, immediately turns into a glaring Achilles heal with Donald Trump as an adversary. He won't refrain from turning any debate into a diatribe about emails, Benghazi, foreign donors, or Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State. Also, he'll focus on Clinton's trustworthiness poll numbers.

A recent Yahoo article titled More Americans distrust Hillary Clinton than trust her highlights a giant hurdle for the former Secretary of State:

According to a CNN/ORC poll, 50 percent view Clinton unfavorably -- up from 44 percent in March (before she announced her presidential bid) and the highest level since 2001, when it was 53 percent.

... Meanwhile, 57 percent of Americans say she is not honest and trustworthy (up from 49 percent in March), 47 percent feel she cares about people like them (down from 53 percent in July 2014) and 50 percent feel she does not inspire confidence (up from 42 percent in March 2014).

Yet "even among those who intend to vote for her in the Democratic primary, just 78 percent see Clinton as trustworthy," writes Gary Langer of Langer Research Associates, which conducted the poll.

The optics of continually watching Hillary Clinton testifying, or explaining why she evolved on a plethora of issues, or defending against owning a private server, doesn't bode well for a general election.

While Trump's charisma is linked to his arrogance, a Democrat must connect with the conscience of voters.

Furthermore, Trump will attack the defense of Clinton's scandals. A prime example of such defense is a CNBC article titled Hillary's emails, just another BS Scandal by James Carville:

So here we are. At long last, it seems that "Hillary Clinton's emails" may soon, mercifully, end up in the ditch with all the other b*%$#!^& Clinton scandals the Republican and mainstream media's scandal complex has made up over the years.

...Now that they've ridden the email thing into the cold, hard ground, the Republicans and the media will merely invent another scandal out of whole cloth.

...It's the same garbage you've been dealing with for the last 22 years.

Not only is Carville saying the same people President Hillary Clinton is supposed wot "get things done" with in Congress will "merely invent another scandal out of whole cloth," but he's calling Clinton's prior scandals "b*%$#!^&."

In a national debate against Clinton, Trump could simply say, "Carville is right, America doesn't need more 'BS' scandals." When even the most loyal supporter of the former Secretary of State is telegraphing future scandals, from the GOP and the media, the writing is on the wall for even more controversy in the future.

Also, the FBI isn't a "BS" organization, so Carville's defense is rooted in the belief that the FBI's possession of Clinton's private server is simply a GOP fabrication.

In stark contrast to both Clinton and Donald Trump, a USA Today article titled Sanders on billionaire class: 'I welcome their hatred' highlights why Bernie Sanders would render all of Trump's attributes into liabilities:

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders promised attendees of the Iowa State Fair that he would work to bring an end to institutional racism in America while speaking from the Des Moines Register's Political Soapbox.

On Saturday, the second day of a three-day Iowa swing, he pointed out how FDR called the wealthy protectors of the status quo "economic royalists."

"And let me echo that today: If the Koch brothers and the billionaire class hate my guts, I welcome their hatred. Because I am going to stand with working families."

Only one Democrat in 2016 welcomes the hatred of billionaires, while the other actually accepted a billionaire's money on several occasions.

The other candidate boldly says, "Cut it out" to Wall Street, but won't reinstate a Glass-Steagall or break up the banks like Sanders.

And sadly, the potential GOP nominee is known for saying "You're fired."

Only Bernie Sanders can defeat the billionaire for Democrats, and save America from a man of Trump's temperament having access to America's nuclear arsenal.

Unlike Clinton, Sanders wants to break up the "Too Big to Fail" banks and reinstate Glass-Steagall. Bernie Sanders wants to tackle the structural causes of the 2008 financial collapse. As for how he differs from Trump, Sanders would turn the billionaire into a caricature of everything the Vermont Senator has warned the country about for years. If given a choice, the GOP and Trump would want to face Clinton, not Sanders, in 2016.

Against Bernie Sanders, Trump would be on the defensive. Everyone knows the reality show host never worries about finances or cares about wealth inequality, or other issues that endear a candidate to the average voter. Bernie Sanders, because he's the antithesis of Trump, would shine in any televised debate and offer voters a clear choice. Because he energizes progressives and the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders is the only hope for Democrats in 2016. From Supreme Court nominees to the future of our country, only Bernie Sanders can prevent Donald Trump from making historic decisions in the Oval Office.

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