Oops, I'm an Entrepreneur! 12 Signs You May Be an Accidental Entrepreneur

I didn't think I wanted to be an entrepreneur; that was for other people. But it turns out that a lot of the values that were important to me were a huge part of that entrepreneurial spirit that had always been inside of me, just waiting to burst out.
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Looking back at my life, I believe I grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit, although I didn't see this at the time. My dad is a doctor and together with my mom who is a nurse, they created their own medical practice, which they solely operated. Growing up, I remember visiting the office -- not 100 percent appreciating what they did with the amount of effort they put into their business everyday. I remember them dedicating a lot of late hours and long days to paperwork and listening to quiet conversations that they thought I didn't hear about their fears regarding money. Perhaps it was some of the challenges that I saw and experienced through them that initially steered me away from this lifestyle.

So when I eventually graduated from college, I decided I was going to work for a great company. And I did; in fact I worked for a couple of great companies in various industries. And although I enjoyed the work I did on some levels, there was a part of me that just didn't feel fulfilled. I hadn't experienced that WOW factor of waking up and feeling inspired about what I did. I found myself the need to gravitate to more creative ventures and thoughts outside of the box.

This was the beginning of my journey as an accidental entrepreneur. I didn't think I wanted to be an entrepreneur; that was for other people. But it turns out that a lot of the values that were important to me were a huge part of that entrepreneurial spirit that had always been inside of me, just waiting to burst out. It felt a little foreign, very scary, and also ostracizing to some degree. Why couldn't I be happy with where I was? My life was good, so why complicate it? Perhaps if I had recognized some signs that this innovation was a part of who I was, the transition into this new way of seeing things may not have been so challenging.

Do you struggle with a similar mental debate and could you secretly be an entrepreneur? Here are 12 signs that you may be an accidental entrepreneur:

1. You fight the status quo: You are an individual who takes pride in being different and going against the grain. You question why people do what they do and are innovative with trying to figure out better ways to do things.

2. You are passionate or borderline obsessive: You will spend hours, days and months on a project that you feel strongly about. Sometimes you will work on an idea without getting paid a dime. You eat, sleep and think your vision, and it is your passion that drives you to do more.

3. You know how to connect to people: You are the individual that people gravitate towards, perhaps due to your passionate nature. You have the ability to create amazing relationships and partnerships because you see the collaborations before they even happen.

4. You resist authority: You don't like being told what to do. Perhaps you have had trouble holding a job... don't worry, I have as well. You would rather lead than follow.

5. You see opportunities everywhere: Whether it is another small business, a gym, or an event, you see opportunities wherever you go. You think outside of the box.

6. You realize when you need help: You are excellent at delegating what someone can do better so you can focus on the good stuff with your business. You are all about efficiency in helping your business grow.

7. You are a little unpredictable: Things can change in a moment as an entrepreneur and you are ok with that. You can go with the flow and are willing to make adjustments at any moment.

8. You are determined: You stick it out, even during those times you want to quit. You have to make the impossible possible.

9. You surround yourself with amazing people: Who you spend time with is who you become. You want to become great, so you surround yourself with great people.

10. You are a little religious with your calendar: Planning is crucial and not just the business stuff. You find yourself scheduling out time with your family, friends, and even your dog! If it's not on the calendar, it's not real.

11. You are a little bit of a weirdo: You might feel like you don't fit in and are different from others. You are the wacky one in your circle. Don't worry, people thought Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs were insane before they set a new standard.

12. You are charming and charismatic: Even though you may be a weirdo, you are a pleasure to be around. Your spirit lifts others up and your passion shines through with everything you do.

If you think you are an accidental entrepreneur, you probably are. Follow your heart and passion in business and in life!

Melissa Escaro is a life coach and modern mindfulness educator who helps individuals create an abundant and fulfilling life in this crazy world! She believes in the power of intentional thought, that our thoughts create our reality, and that we have the power to create a life of abundance, joy, and fulfillment. She coaches individuals on how to create new ways of thinking to get them the outcomes they want both personally and professionally. Melissa is the author of In10tions: A Mindset Reset Guide to Happiness, which will be released February 27, 2015. www.in10tionsbook.com.

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