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Opale's 'Sparkles and Wine' Teaser Is Mesmerizing, Shows How Lighting Changes A Person's Face (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Morphing Face Is Mesmerizing

Sometimes it's all about the lighting.

In a teaser for French electronic group OPALE's upcoming "Sparkles and Wine" release, London-based filmmaker Nacho Guzmán created a mesmerizing video that shows just how much the appearance of one face can change under various lighting conditions.

Posted on Vimeo last week, the music video teaser features a beautiful female center-screen, seen from the shoulders up. Using colored LED and string lights (most often used on Christmas trees), Guzmán was able to make the woman's face appear as if her features are somehow transforming.

A Reddit user captured stills of the top, right, left and bottom lighting used in the video. (Photo via Imgur)

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Guzmán explained the video is actually an homage to deceased French director Henri-Georges Clouzot. In his final unfinished film, "L'enfer," Clouzot employed a similar lighting technique.

Intrigued by the visual style, Guzmán sought to determine how the eerie lighting was constructed. However, since there was no accounts describing how Clouzot created the lighting atmosphere, Guzmán had to devise his own method.

Limited by his lack of a production budget, Guzmán said he received a little help from the construction department for British TV show "Downton Abbey" to create a massive wooden wheel. He then attached the camera and colored lights, which allowed him to spin the wheel in order to achieve the desired effect.

As PetaPixel notes, Guzmán captured the footage with a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR.

OPALE will release its full-length music for "Sparkles and Wine" later this year to coincide with its May 2013 album release.

Watch Guzmán's take on Clouzot's classic technique in the video above, and see exactly what inspired him in the clip below.

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