Yes, You Can Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew. Got A Shoe? (VIDEO)

Ever been screwed out of a glass of wine simply because you had no way to uncork the bottle? No need for that. If you believe the 'wine professional' in a video uploaded to YouTube in January, you don't need a corkscrew. All you need is the bottle, a shoe, and a sturdy wall.

Just check it out above: Bottle goes into shoe, shoe gets rapped against wall, cork comes out. As the man in the Mirabeau Wine video says, "Et voila!"

Hard to believe that the little trick really works, but it now has been verified by the folks at NPR's science desk. Though as you can see in the video NPR uploaded on March 25, their testers did have a bit more trouble than the wine guy. Then again, as the tongue-in-cheek comments attached to the original video indicate, this is a man who "has opened more bottles of wine than his wife would like to remember."

For a scientific explanation of the trick, HuffPost Science turned to Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, a materials scientist who was formerly a professor of engineering at Yale University. She said:

This is a great trick that I have never tried, but what is going on is the wine (the liquid) is pushing onto the cork. The liquid, while it is a fluid and can slosh around, can have all its molecules move in one general direction as a group. Together these atoms push the cork out, like mini-hammers all working together.

Hammers, hammered. Maybe give the trick a shot next time your corkscrew goes missing.

Just be careful. As the original video's comments indicate, pounding a bottle of wine against a wall can lead to "wall and/or personal damage... The bottle could shatter or the wall could fall down."


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