Open Door On Metro-North Train Doesn't Faze Passengers, Worries MTA (VIDEO)

Jeremy Grimes, a daily commuter from Connecticut shot this video, which shows passengers barely noticing a wide open door on a speeding Metro-North train. Even those a few inches from the open door (and the rushing ground below it) don't seem worried.

The malfunctioning door was left open as the train sped toward Grand Central Station.

"The train started to move and everyone just kind of acknowledged it, eyeballed it for a second and then shrugged it off," Grimes wrote in an email to the New York Times.

Metro-North officials were far more concerned.

"The footage in this video is very disturbing to us, and Metro-North is investigating," Metro-North spokeswoman, Marjorie Anders told the New York Times.

From the Times:

The door apparently did not close after the train left the 125th Street station in Harlem. No one in the video appears visibly concerned by the malfunction, which occurred on the 8:03 a.m. train from New Canaan.

The door, which remained open for about two and a half minutes, finally slid shut on its own after the train entered the Park Avenue tunnel, although one passenger used his hand to close it completely.

Freezing cold temperatures throughout the New York region have caused problems with motors and brakes on several Metro-North trains. Many of the railroad's older trains are awaiting repairs for damage caused by the winter chill.

WATCH footage of the incident below: