Open Letter from 9/11 Rescue Worker to Rudy Giuliani

Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani thinks his "plan for up to $15,000 in
tax breaks to help families pay for coverage outside employer-based plans is
the antidote."

I totally disagree.

How is a single mother of two with a monthly income of $1,500 or a family of
four with an income of $3,100 supposed to live, buy insurance, pay
deductibles, pay copays, afford medications and be able to eat and clothe
their children?

Giuliani is so far removed from reality it's sad.

He's completely out of touch with why the average American is interested in
improving our country's healthcare system by creating a single-payer system
that would remove profit when it comes to caring for the sick and dying. As
a country we have historically thrived by taking good ideas, making them
better, and putting them to work for our country. The health care crisis
should be no different.

A single-payer system would insure that all veterans who are currently being
denied services are covered. It appears that Rudy is content with turning a
blind eye on the returning injured vets who desperately need care. It seems
that under Rudy's plan, vets will continue to be stuck with substandard
Walter Reed-level care.

Giuliani neglects the underpaid worker, the unemployed worker, the low
income family and all their children. After all, these people are not his
base, so why should he care?

Giuliani doesn't care about the fact that Tracy Pierce, featured in the
movie SiCKO, was insured and died because his insurance company's
motivation was profit-driven. Why should he consider that when health
insurance companies are key contributors to his campaign?

When I truly wanted to discuss the issue and asked Giuliani's staff for help
on April 19th while attending the Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary, his
staff took my information, rebuffed me and he then left to go have a photo
opportunity with two children who survived the bombing. Does he even
remember their names today? Has he helped them with their mounting bills?
Oh, I know, it was just a photo op!

Later, in May of this year, two other 9/11 rescue workers and I sent a
letter to Giuliani. We were to discuss with him the state of healthcare in
our country. We received no response.

Mr. Giuliani, I wanted to ask you why the terrorists who caused 9/11 receive
free healthcare ­ yet those of us who cleaned up at Ground Zero do not? Why
do you continue to ignore us?

In your recent speech you asked if anybody in the room would like to go to
Cuba for medical treatment. Well, Mr. Giuliani, I did because I had no other
choice and it upsets me that you can't understand my position.

I am not a politician, just an American woman who voted for you for mayor
and asked for your help. After helping my fellow citizens on 9/11 and the
weeks following, I now suffer from lung disease. It pains me to watch you
campaign on the back of my service on 9/11 while it seems that only your
cronies get Workers Compensation while the rest of us are left to die.

The pulmonary fibrosis that I suffer from is no picnic and obtaining health
insurance is going to be an obstacle I will face for life unless our system
changes. So, once again, I am calling on you, Mr. Giuliani, to please
explain to me what you will do as president to ensure that I get the care I
need after suffering serious health problems as a result of working at
Ground Zero on 9/11.