Open Letter: Kimbo Slice

This is an open letter from Uncle Louie to Combat Sports fans regarding the loss of Kimbo Slice and the indelible mark left on all fight sports. The letter was recently read aloud live from Miami Florida, by Uncle Louie, for fans around the world.

Uncle Louie and Goldberg recently spent time with Kimbo in South Florida at American Top Team

Dear young world,

Last week, Miami lost one of it's very best, putting MMA fans throughout the world and in the 305 to the test, as American Top Team joined Kimbo's family and laid him to rest, Bellator's Scott Coker sent out a tweet and in my opinion put it best...

A bare knuckle brawler from the 305, Kevin Ferguson's legacy will always be alive.

He took the internet by storm, accruing millions of fans because of his innate ability to throw his hands way harder than the norm. A thick black beard and gold adorned, the Miami native, Bahamian born, UM alum has united the entire combat sports world, as we mourn.

He swarmed his opponents with swooping rights, putting almost all of them down for the night.

Representing the 305 on YouTube brought Kimbo to the forefront of "going viral" before the world knew the term viral would even exist. Around his neck hung a solid gold fist.

His ferocious counter punches and the dynamic personality he portrayed, yielded unprecedented success and dividends they paid.

From backyard brawls to Octagon sprawls, to Kimbo's hands, even legends like Ken Shamrock would fall.

Much respect to his fam and the memories he gave. Thank you Kimbo Slice, from the cradle to the grave.

Blessed Love, from the 305...
- Uncle Louie

Uncle Louie just wrapped his production assistance of a special tribute to Miami's legendary brawler turned pro MMA fighter Kimbo Slice; entitled "Kimbo Slice: One of a Kind", the introspective into the man known as Kimbo is set to air on Spike TV this Friday at 8pm EST.

A Miami based, NY born entertainment impresario who began as a hip hop artist, Uncle Louie enlisted assistance from friends such as Bill Goldberg, Brodus Clay (aka Tyrus), Mick Foley and World Famous Comic Russell Peters to help pay tribute to his friend Kimbo.