Open Letter to Bernie Supporters

Dear Bernie friends,

I watched Bernie's speech in Santa Monica and cried. The man is full of integrity and authenticity. I am sure your heart feels broken and maybe you express this disappointment through anger. Maybe the system is unjust... Maybe we are not ready for this shift... But I want you to know two things.

I was recently in Egypt and spoke with people who were at Tahrir Square every night for many weeks and they assured me that the revolution moved into full gear...the inner revolution... after that experience. People gathered together from all walks of life and saw that they were connected...they had power, they felt the same things and the moment was full of grace and potential. From their perspective, the revolution did not stop, it really began. I feel this is the case with Bernie. You and everyone who poured their love into this possibility...did not do it in vain.

With regard to Hillary... Many of you will call me naïve, but what if we used this same quality of love and possibility and sent this towards Hillary. What if we just hoped that something which has started will continue. Hope that she will listen, that she might hear our sorrow, connect to her heart and respond. I know she has it in her because I have seen it...maybe, just maybe we give her a chance to shift.

With Love,