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Open Letter to Congressman Luis Gutierrez: Bernie Sanders Is More Pro-Latino Than You

Maybe, just maybe, Senator Bernie Sanders was so mum about immigration because he's been so busy fighting for every cause that disproportionately affects us? I don't know about you, but that makes him more pro-Latino than you.
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Dear Congressman Luis Gutierrez,

For some time now I have seen you fall from Latino grace. I once admired you and your work.

Then you started to inexplicably flip-flop. First you attack politicians with your media grandstanding like you did with President Obama in regards to immigration, but once you spoke to the man, you came out with your tail between your legs.

¿Que pasó, hermano?

Seriously, who is this person? Are you the same one who raged against him in regards to deportations? Remember? The one knighted the deporter-in-chief because of the record amount (more than 2 million) of deportations under his administration?

Since taking the oath of office, Obama has deported immigrants at a faster rate than any other president in US history, nearly a record 2 million people. On a typical day, there are over 30,000 immigrants imprisoned in the world's largest immigration detention system.

But you couldn't tell from that dodgy, arrogant, and apologist interview you did with Bryan Llenas. That's a tad embarrassing, but it's cool, bro.' We let it slide.

The reason why I'm unearthing it is because you recently attacked Senator Bernie Sanders about it:

We've got the socialist; uh I can't remember his name. Bernie Sanders. I don't know if he likes immigrants, because he doesn't seem to talk about immigrants. But sooner or later he'll tell us. I hope he likes immigrants. I haven't heard him say anything. He's been kind of quiet and silent. So I hope that when he sees this program he sees that there's a lot of people waiting to hear from him.

Those be fightin' words, Luis. First of all, is that how you speak all the time? If so, then allow me to address you just how our people do in the 'hood: Seriously, bro,' fall back.

Let me start with your stance on immigration. I am a full-blown supporter of immigration reform and a clear path to citizenship for our undocumented brothers and sisters, but that is not the only pressing issue Latinos are facing today.

Immigration reform is a hot topic, but it's gotten to the point that many of us within the Latino community are cynical with the media and our "leaders" such as yourself because it seems like you're exploiting it for relevance and clicks.

Latinos do care about immigration, but we also care about health care reform. Immigration is not the only issue we should be speaking about or the only thing we should be pressing politicians for:

In 2013, some 57% of Hispanic registered voters called education an "extremely important" issue facing the nation today. That's compared with jobs and the economy (52%) and health care (43%). Just 32% said immigration.

Eva Longoria concurs: "Immigration is not the top issue for Latinos. Latinos are like every other American - economy, jobs, healthcare, education."

Indeed, Eva. Indeed.

Many of our brothers and sisters either run the risk of suffering from debilitating diseases or already have them and aren't getting adequate treatment. Guess who wants to help fix that? Senator Bernie Sanders.

We have a disconnected (unemployed or out of school) Latino youth:

At the national level, youth disconnection rates for blacks (21.6 percent), Native Americans (20.3 percent), and Latinos (16.3 percent) are markedly higher than rates for Asian Americans (7.9 percent) or whites (11.3 percent). In nine metro areas, at least one in four black youth are disconnected. In ten metro areas, at least one in five Latino youth are disconnected.

Those numbers are crazy, but do you know who wants to fix that by giving them jobs? Senator Bernie Sanders.

Do you seriously think those poor Latino kids are going to be tuning in to politicians who solely pontificate about immigration? Do you think they're going to head out to the polls to vote if politicians aren't showing any interest in giving them jobs?

Now let's talk about Latinas and the wage gap:

A persistent gender-based wage gap continues to harm women, their families and the economy. On average, women in the United States are paid just 78 cents for every dollar paid to men.1 For Latinas, the gap is larger. Latinas in the United States are paid, on average, just 56 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men.2 When women lose income, their economic security and that of their families is diminished.

Latinas are the hardest hit by wage inequality. Do you know who is proposing to fix that? Senator Bernie Sanders.

I am sorry to say this, but Senator Bernie Sanders is more pro-Latino than all Latinos running for president combined and those you stand behind. Actually, no, I'm not sorry because that is la mera verdad. You're the one who should be sorry and I expect a full apology with an endorsement to/for the right candidate for Latinos: Senator Bernie Sanders.

Y como le dijo el rey de españa a Chávez, "¿Por qué no te callas?"

Maybe, just maybe, Senator Bernie Sanders was so mum about immigration because he's been so busy fighting for every cause that disproportionately affects us? I don't know about you, but that makes him more pro-Latino than you, all Latino presidential runners alike, and those you align yourself with.

I guess all Latinos are just like "the socialist" Bernie Sanders because we seem to care about the same things he's championing for. Who would have thought? You certainly did not. Do you really speak for your constituents, the Latino community, or are you speaking for yourself? Trying to keep that comfy spot, huh?

Members of the Latino Delegation would also like to know why did you endorse Rahm Emanuel to be the mayor of Chicago instead of our brother Jesús "Chuy" García?

Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Latinos send their regards: If you're not with Bernie, "partner, you ain't got no wins in mi casa."

Don't be so hard on the man. Aim your indignation elsewhere and come to the right side. We have integrity.

Oh, and cookies.

I totally forgot to mention the most important thing to the majority of registered Latino voters: Education. Guess who is working extremely hard on that by trying to alleviate student debt and make it affordable to attain higher ed? Senator Bernie Sanders.

I hope that convinces you to stand behind him because we Latinos already are.

A Latino that's fresher than you

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