Open Letter to Donald Trump (from a woman who weighs 165 lbs)

Mr. Trump,

Please take note that millions of American women are offended by your derogatory comments about women who aren’t a “10,” in your opinion.

Personally, I weigh 165 pounds; in fact, I am down to 165 pounds from 175 pounds. Which means I was able to do what you mentioned having a hard time with to Dr. Oz – I lost weight.

In my late twenties, I weighed 135 pounds, and you’d probably say “Not a 10.” Still, according to others, I was a pretty hot chick. Eventually, I had two children sixteen months apart, and even though I worked hard on getting the weight off, I never slipped below 140.

When I was 38, my husband died. The pain and the sorrow got to me and I lost weight until I weighed only 125 pounds; l looked like a skeleton. You’d probably say, “Not a 10,” because I was still heavier than 119 pounds.

With determination, I fought through the difficulties, and like all of us, sometimes I did great and at other times not so great. Life has a habit of getting in the way of our best intentions.

A few years ago, I had the time to spend two hours per day, six days per week, in the gym. Then, I weighed 155 pounds and was a size 6. I also dated a man, who, it turned out, rated woman on the “1-10”-scale like you. And, like you, he lied about many things, starting with his age. By the time I figured out that he was only looking for a trophy wife, I left him. Since he shares your views about women, I am sure he’ll be voting for you.

These days, I am an author and email evangelist, which means I sit and type for long hours. I also exercise at least four times per week, which keeps my legs in great shape, but keeping the weight off the middle is not easy at my age.

Though surely in your opinion I am not a “10,” I am educated and I read a lot. So, allow me to bring something to your attention you apparently haven’t heard.

One definition of the American Spirit is that we are proud of who we are as a people, a nation and a way of life that leads to opportunity. Millions of women live the American Spirit every day, including young students and grandmas.

Even when we are sick or sad, we carry on. We help move this nation forward, spare no sacrifices in doing so, and we don’t quit. And, that makes us a “10,” whether you see it like that, or not.

Gisela Hausmann

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