Open Letter To Geraldine Ferraro: Please Keep Doing What You're Doing For Obama

I guess you were right, Ms. Ferraro. One African-American man is lucky - to have you around helping him out, that is.
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Dear Geraldine Ferraro,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for providing to the American public your deep insights on the lives of African-American men. In the face of all the poverty level and crime-level and incarceration-rate statistics, you stand boldly behind that illusive Black male concept privilege that all too often goes overlooked. And all this time, I was under the impression that Black men, especially those begot by an African immigrant and a lower-middle-class White woman, began life two steps behind everyone else. That has always been "fact" to me. But now you've shed some light on something entirely new, Ms. Ferraro. I'd love to see this massive focus group you've put together of all those conceptual Black men born into the richest homes with the most stable families whose parents attended Dartmouth and Yale and whose family name is etched on university hall and classroom plaques. You must know something the rest of America does not.

And now, after you've so eloquently explained the entitlement of Black men in America, how dare the Obama campaign "play the race card"? How dare they react to your factual comments? (Let me just interject, your quote here? "...And the amazing thing is it's not something I started, its something they did in reaction to this." Yeah, that one. Sounds daringly close to something like this - "I can't even tell my secretary she's looking pretty nice today because I'm charged with sexual harassment! Why can't a man just me a man anymore!?" But we'll just overlook that for now). So good for you for leaving the Hillary campaign on your noble quest to "speak for yourself" and clarify the Black male experience.

You just keep doing what you're doing, Ms. Ferraro. Because with each stupid word that falls out of your mouth, with each "the big scary Obama campaign is trying to hurt me and Hillary" line you riff off, with each indigent explanation of your absolutely racist, ludicrous and downright hurtful remarks that you screech to the press, you're helping one African-American man inch one step closer to the Democratic nomination. So I guess you were right, Ms. Ferraro. One African-American man is lucky - to have you around advocating for him, that is.

All the best,

Ryan Barrett

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