Open letter to Republican Senators from your BOSS!

Do you work for wages? Do you report to some sort of boss? Do you pay taxes to the United States government (federal, state, local)? Do you understand that federal and state tax dollars withheld or paid to the public treasury are used to pay our elected officials?

Over the past decade of guiding over 250,000 people through a process to get paid what they're worth, I find myself feeling mad at how worthless our elected officials think we are!

In light of Mitch McConnell's decision to follow through on his announcement to deny nominated Judge Merrick Garland the basic courtesy of doing his job, it's time to get real with our elected Republicans.

Let's get real with ourselves first! What would happen to you if you told your boss today:

"Look, I know my job description requires me to work a certain number of days a week and do certain tasks. Just so you know, I've decided to work only 2 days a week. I'm not going do to one task until at the very least November 5th, 2016. I might do that task after January 21st, 2017. Until we elect a new president of the United States, I'm just not up to doing that task. You okay with that?"

What are the odds your boss would say, "Sure! Okay! I understand. Thanks for telling me. We'll adjust your work schedule. We'll also remove that task from your workload. We will still pay you the same salary. And because we appreciate you so much, we'll pay for lifetime benefits when you quit or retire."

Odds are your boss would smile while telling you you're fired. True?

According to, the average number of actual work days our elected officials are expected to clock in are well below 200 days a year. Granted, many dedicated elected officials work every day of the week, often 12 to 14 hours a day. When we take a hard look at elected Republican Senators, according to Mariam Baksh a Fellow here at The Huffington Post in her November 2015 article our elected House representatives will work approximately two days a week in 2016.

Remember that statistic the next time you examine the federal taxes withheld (or paid) from your hard work!

It's time we (United States citizens) flex our collective muscles well before the next poll, convention or election. Why? It's time to tell our elected officials we're sick and tired of paying for their insubordination! No matter what label we wear (party affiliation, governing ideology or voter status), every US citizen has a voice. Let's offer our elected Republican officials something to ponder.

Mitch McConnell, a paid public servant has informed his boss (us, US citizens) that he refuses to do one of the most important tasks on his job description. His job description includes fulfilling his duties as documented in our Constitution. Failure to do his duty requires consequences.

The consequence? Take one minute to copy / paste the following letter (or post something like this) to your respective Senator(s).


Dear Senator,

President Obama did his job. He nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill the vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court. Now it's time to do your job as documented in your oath of office. Your job is to hold appropriate hearings resulting in a vote to confirm or reject Obama's nomination.

Failure to do your job means I will vote for your opponent when you come up for re-election. Period. I pay taxes for you to do your job. Your job is to confirm or reject the nomination in a timely manner. Nowhere in your job description does it state you have the discretion to decline to do your job.

Should you decide to decline the basic courtesy (as well as responsibility) to do the job I pay you to do, plan on being fired in your upcoming election.


The more our elected officials know we just simply want them to do their jobs, the more we help them do their jobs - responsibly. No matter ones party affiliation, when enough Republican Senators understand that McConnell is gambling on their worth (their job, their reputation, their benefits, etc.) McConnell may opt to do his job. That job? Schedule a simple up or down vote on nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill the vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court.