Open Letter To Senator Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks to a rally of supporters of Kentucky senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grim
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks to a rally of supporters of Kentucky senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes at the Copper & Kings Distillery in Louisville, Ky., Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

Dear Senator Warren

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I write this letter following Sunday's tragic events in Orlando and the deaths of 49 innocent LGBT people and 53 who were injured. They were targeted because of who they loved and possibly it was provoked by a simple kiss. This heinous crime comes less than a year since the Supreme Court ruled in favor of nationwide marriage equality and during Pride month.

I had already decided that I wanted to write to you but now with even more importance and urgency.

My wife Laurie and I are residents of Somerset, Massachusetts and we have been advocating for marriage equality and LGBT civil rights for over 10 years. We are a bi-national lesbian couple, I am from England and Laurie is a natural born American, Laurie was not able to sponsor me for a green card because the federal government did not recognize our marriage. We were forced into a situation where we either faced enforced separation or literally had to fight for our civil rights, we chose the latter. Our story went all the way to the judiciary committee in support of the repeal of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) which thankfully was found unconstitutional and Laurie was then able to sponsor me for my green card. Next month we will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and despite Sunday's massacre this won't stop me from kissing my wife.


Unfortunately we now find ourselves fighting again for our family because of the upcoming election, we are two women who run our own photography business and between us we have raised three boys, two are now adults and one, who is 15, still lives with us at home. Every day we are bombarded by the views of the GOP and how they want to reverse same-sex marriage and how they signed into law a bill restricting LGBT protections. This was then compounded terribly when on Sunday, following the horrific mass shooting in Orlando where LGBT were the targets; almost without fail every republican did not register LGBT in their reactions to this atrocity. They denied even that right to the LGBT community; somehow they were able to justify to themselves that LGBT didn't even deserve that dignity. When both Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders talked of the tragedy they both referred to LGBT but Trump, of course, could only use the situation to give himself a pat on the back!

Please Senator Warren we need you to fight for us, for our family, for all in the LGBT community for our civil rights and to make sure that the Republicans are not allowed into a position where they can do more damage. Their words and actions constantly promote hatred towards the LGBT community only going towards aggravating extremists to take actions like they did on Sunday, or support people like Kim Davis and her obstruction of the law in not allowing same-sex couples their right to a marriage license. They are like school yard bullies inciting a crowd around they weakest kid to make themselves look powerful in the belief it will gain them respect. Sadly there are those who do like a bully and that is why we need you and your voice to keep up the momentum for us, we must prove to them that LGBT live matter. However much we hurt after Sunday's massacre we are not afraid and will not be made to hide in the shadows but we do want to protect our family at the same time.

During our fight for marriage equality we had the support of many well-known people and that included New York Congressman Jerry Nadler and Massachusetts Congresswoman Niki Tsongas, their support meant so much. Now we have a new battle to win and we can't let bullies like Trump, Mike Huckabee and the like to be in a position to push more anti-LGBT discriminatory bills through into law, we have fought too hard and for too long to go backwards.

Senator Warren, whoever becomes the democratic presidential nominee we need you to campaign all the way to the White House on our behalf. You are our voice and although we will keep shouting as loudly as we can from our position, you have the platform and we are counting on you during this election time. We just want you to help us to continue to spread Love NOT Hate!

Caroline Hart