An Open Letter To The Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton's loss last night was a rebuke by more than half of the American people who clearly stated that the Federal Government doesn't work for them and hasn't for decades. This was supposed to be the one issue where Democrats excelled. Instead, the heads of the Democratic Party colluded to ensure that Bernie, the only authentic change candidate, lost to Hillary, a more-of-the-same candidate with enough baggage to fill a railroad car.

I'm furious Donald Trump won because he promised change without ever specifically mentioning any changes he would make other than racist rants. Bernie on the other hand specified in great detail what his plans were to change America. Each of his specified changes would have satisfied many of the people Hillary labeled, "Deplorables". Sure, some White voters would have rejected Bernie, a nominal Jew, but young voters loved him, and I believe there were enough of them to elect him.

Debbie Wasserman Schulz and Donna Brazile, I hope you're pleased that you foisted Hillary on a Democrat and Independent public that would have gladly supported Bernie. The world was changing and you chose to ignore the Millennials who loved Bernie and worked their hearts out for him in a rigged race that he wasn't allowed to win because it was Hillary's turn. Bernie's single payer health plan would have insured every American. Trump has promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with free enterprise, which is a euphemism for, "Sorry folks but you're on your own again."

A CNN talking head suggested that if more African Americans had voted for Hillary in Philadelphia she would have carried Pennsylvania. But young African Americans weren't inspired by Hillary, whose husband was directly responsible for locking up millions of young, non-violent African American drug dealers with the 3-Strikes law. They are also aware that her husband ended welfare in a manner that never took into account that people on welfare can only climb out of it by getting good-paying jobs. Bill Clinton's economic miracle didn't affect African Americans anywhere near the manner it did White people. I don't blame young African Americans for not voting. They didn't have a candidate to vote for with a track record of caring about them.

Incidentally, Bernie went to jail for demonstrating for Civil Rights, while Hillary did little or nothing to help the Civil Rights Movement. Bernie's programs of free college would have allowed millions of young African Americans to earn college degrees. Bernie's $15 dollar an hour minimum wage would have affected their communities positively. Hillary only jumped on that bandwagon after Bernie began to become popular. Now we've elected a man who doesn't believe there should even be a minimum wage.

And to my intellectual, liberal, Democrat friends who I beseeched to accept Bernie as a change candidate and who told me I didn't know what I was talking about, your arrogance and lack of perception regarding the mood of the rest of the American people was staggeringly myopic. Your acceptance of a seriously flawed candidate for selfish or emotional reasons sealed our fate. You misread America because you had your heads in the clouds because your lives were going swimmingly well.

Now the future of America is in the hands of a narcissist who hasn't a clue how to change what needs changing. His list of supporters in his acceptance speech should cause anyone with a brain to become very afraid. Rudy, Newt, General Flynn, Huckabee, Lewandowski, etc. are like characters in a trailer for a horror movie coming to your town soon. I accept the will of the people because that's the American way. I will never accept the Democratic Party again after handing this election over to a potential tyrant when they had the real change candidate Americans wanted and needed and would have elected. And thanks for a new Supreme Court that will determine American's fates for decades to come. Good luck women, minorities, the environment, free speech, the uninsured, and a myriad of other rights that will be taken away.

Both the Republicans and Democrats are going to have to reinvent themselves if they hope to survive. My bet is that neither will because of their obligations to Big Money Donors. Maybe the next time a demagogue shows up we'll have enough history with this one to reject him. But in order to do that, we'll have to find another candidate with a track record of caring about people like Bernie. I don't see anyone who fits that category on the horizon.