An Open Letter To White Supremacists From Former Owner Of Biggest Racist Record Label

Todd Blodgett, who went from racist influencer to FBI informant, advises white supremacists to free themselves from "this putrid, so-called movement."

WASHINGTON ― Todd Blodgett worked as an FBI informant inside the white supremacist movement.

His political career began in the Reagan administration as a junior staffer. He helped the 1988 Bush-Quayle presidential campaign. But in the 1990s, Blodgett drifted into circles that included infamous American Nazis like Willis Carto, and “The Turner Diaries” author William Pierce.

While Blodgett said he was never a “true believer,” he helped Carto increase circulation and funding of his tabloid magazine, The Spotlight, and was a co-owner of Resistance Records, the largest white supremacist music label in the U.S. He spent time with other notable white supremacists, including Jared Taylor and David Duke.

In the early-2000s, Blodgett become an FBI informant and used his access to the highest levels of the American white supremacist community, including the KKK, neo-Nazis and the Aryan Nations. Since then, Blodgett has spoken out against white supremacy and has worked with groups like Life After Hate that rehabilitate white supremacists.

In the aftermath of the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, that killed counter-protester Heather Heyer, 32, Blodgett sent HuffPost an open letter addressed to white supremacists. Here’s his letter:


I once trod the treacherous path you’re traveling and it wrecked my life. Taking a detour and exiting the nasty, racist road is as much in your best interest as it is America’s. Significant differences exist between legitimate conservatism and bigoted, racist hatred. Do you hate minorities so much that you overlook the significant contributions made by Conservatives who are black, Jewish, Hispanic, and Gay, to the honorable causes of limited government, a strong national defense, lower taxes, and freedom for the individual? If so, you’re subscribing to an agenda comprised of unadulterated HATRED. The high-tech, PR-savvy, well-funded evildoers you’ve thrown in with will alter your life in the most negative of ways – as personal experience taught me. If happiness, stability, and success are your goals, then you must open your mind and change your heart. It’s not too late to change, and your past can be a lesson, not a life sentence. The late Willis Carto – a professional White Supremacist/anti-Semite, who conjured up the fraud called Holocaust denial, and who spent 60 years promoting hatred – was my boss from 1995 to 1998. To my lasting regret, I raised nearly $3 million for his Liberty Lobby, and generated an even greater amount of advertising revenue for his publications.

Within a few years, my business partner was Dr. William L. Pierce – the founder of the National Alliance, who wrote ‘The Turner Diaries’. He and Carto were America’s leading neo-Nazis. Motivated by greed and a lust for power, Pierce, Carto, and I owned what was then the world’s most profitable, successful racist music company, Resistance Records. These facts, for which I’ve atoned, won’t ever go away. I routinely dealt directly with sociopaths like David Duke, ‘Pastor’ Richard Butler, Erich Gliebe, and John Tyndall, and racist killers like Jamie Von Brunn, Eric ‘the Butcher’ Fairburn, Tommy Mair, Wade Michael Page, and Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, among many others. My life spiraled downward, resulting from my involvement in HATE. This included becoming a drug addict for seven+ years, getting divorced and nearly being killed in a knife fight. These tragic consequences and others could’ve been averted had I avoided the vile realm of White Supremacy, even as an opportunistic profiteer. Monitoring haters for the FBI as a full-time, paid informant opened my eyes to the insecurity of most of those who were brain-washed into the counterproductive, evil world in which you’re now ensconced. Seeking personal redemption helped me realize a better life was, indeed, within my grasp. I slayed my demons, beat drug addiction and got my life back on track. You, too, can do this! Walking away isn’t hard, but remaining with hateful, violence-prone, racist losers will ruin you.

Removing your Swastikas, covering up racist tattoos, replacing Doc Martens boots with pricey athletic shoes and wearing tassled loafers, Polo shirts and khakis, and calling yourselves “identitarians” instead of neo-Nazis, fools no one. If your ideas were sound, you’d not need to engage in such chicanery. Got it?

I hope and pray you’ll turn your life around, and that you and all misguided activists leave the milieu of organized Hate. Those who admit they were wrong are in a great position to help make things right.

Like many who are now wasting their lives in this putrid, so-called Movement, I’ve been jailed. More than once. But whether or not you’ll ever be locked up, as long as you harbor hateful, anti-Semitic, bigoted thoughts, you’re locked in a hellish jail of your own making. So, set yourself free; unlock your mind and banish hate from your soul. Having learned this the hard way, it’s easy for me to see where you’ll end up, unless you alter your thinking and change your ways. You CAN get your life on track, even if it wasn’t previously all that cool. It’s easier than you think, and you won’t regret it. Trust me, I know.

Todd Blodgett

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