If You're Thinking About An Open Marriage, Consider This First

More partners, more problems?

The phrase “monogamish” was first coined a few years ago by sex writer Dan Savage, but open and “monogamish” marriages are nothing new. Couples have long been practicing forms of polyamory within their relationships.

Just like anything related to sex, an open marriage isn’t for everyone. While exploring polyamory may be incredibly satisfying for a growing number of couples, there are some potential drawbacks, philosopher Alain de Botton says in a new video on The School of Life YouTube channel.

“Despite the freewheeling atmosphere, even in polyamory, there will be some surprisingly tricky and intractable emotions to deal with,” de Botton explains. “There will be splits, painful endings, feelings of abandonment and moments of rage. We’ll be exposed to the inner tribulations of a great many people instead of a single [partner.]”

Watch the video above for de Botton’s take on open relationships and head here for more.

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