Open Relationship: Do They Work?

Are open marriages ever a good idea?

That's the question HuffPost Divorce blogger Vicki Larson considered in a blog post Monday. Since so many "romances end because of cheating," Larson says she wonders why more couples aren't more transparent about the sometimes-difficult realities of monogamy -- and why they're so scared of the idea of an open relationship.

"Why is the idea of an open relationship so threatening," Larson writes, "especially when it's clear that many are having nonmonogamous relationships anyway while pretending they're monogamous?"

We were curious to know if our readers agreed with Larson's take on open marriage, so we asked them to share their thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. Click through the slideshow below to see some of the most interesting responses, then head to the comments to share your opinion on open relationships.

Is Having An Open Marriage A Good Idea?

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