Monogamy Not Your Thing? Here's Why You Should Consider An Open Relationship

Although monogamous relationships are the norm, some couples are breaking the mold with a foray into the world of open relationships.

Take Robyn Trask, for example. Trask, the executive director of Loving More, explained in a HuffPost Live conversation that her experimentation with open relationships led her to develop greater self-awareness.

“I was about 24, and I was engaged and realized I just wasn’t a monogamous person,” she said. “It was more like coming to terms with myself, but I had no clue what that meant past that I couldn’t be monogamous.”

After some exploration, polyamory turned out to be the perfect fit for Trask.

“I have more than one relationship. I actually have three current relationships, people I’ve been involved with for many, many years,” she told host Josh Zepps.

But her path to self-discovery didn’t come without some trepidation. As Trask ventured into new kinds of relationships, she questioned herself and even sought counseling.

“At the time I thought, ‘Wow, I’m weird. There’s something wrong with me.’ I actually went to counseling to try and fix myself, so to speak, or see what was wrong with myself,” she said. “As the years have gone by I’ve realized that I’m actually probably more in the norm, but most people don’t know there’s an option.”

And for those who are looking for another option, Leon Feingold, the co-president of Open Love NY, puts it very simply.

“There is life outside of monogamy,” he said. “And it actually works amazingly well, if you do it right.”

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation on polyamorous relationships below:

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