Open Your Eyes

A revolution is not a dirty word and not a bad one.

I am sorry to disagree, as I mostly agree with the President, but - there are good revolutions. One such revolution was the French Revolution. The French revolution brought the liberalization of so many nations, including equal legal rights, and the liberation from systematic racism, injustice and oppression like serfdom and the Jewish ghettos.

We are not blind Mr. President. Especially those of us who admit and understand we need a real change; who see the system is rigged for favoritism that has no basis in merit or goodness, character or helpfulness. Why would you stand there and scorn the words 'political revolution' Mr. President, when you know perfectly well that you are mocking scores of people who have the best of the people at heart? People who are following the political movement Sen. Sanders because they want to better the life of all...?

I just feel like I need an explanation to the put down of the idea of a political revolution. They said, at the time, that you were a political revolution. Why is Sen. Sanders' revolution any less relevant?
Because if he has the guts to really do the things he talks about, and as educated people Mr. President we both know it is achievable and economically viable - everyone else looks bad? Or is it the people you cater to; is it the Rothschilds that are not happy with this populace rise? Surely Mr. President, you know the Rothschilds.

Mayer Amshel Rothschild founded the Rothschild firm in the 70s of the 18th century and via a loan and debt royalty-favoring system managed to create a behemoth family owned bank supported by inter marriages, and is the majority owner in almost all central banks world wide, holding the key to many governments and presidents. One such president was Bill Clinton. Another such wanna-be President is Hillary Clinton.
The Clintons and Rothschilds are very cozy. The Clintons have close ties with the British Rothschilds. The Rothschilds have been controlling government by the power of indebting them financially. You do the math.

It is the Rothschilds that used the fertile chaotic ground in Europe under Napoleon, who actually instilled incredible values through his conquests, to sometimes even cheat their way into financial greatness. And that they did; they are the most powerful family in the world, and almost no one knows about them. They created a new kind of inequality; it is that inequality that we must fight against today. An inequality that has dragged the overwhelming and undisputed majority of us back to serfdom. An inequality Bernie Sanders has been shining a light on. An inequality many people believe cannot change, and are wrong.

It is time we complete the work of our French brothers and sisters. And a political revolution is exactly what this country needs. Not another puppet controlled by a trillionaire family.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité