Opening Ceremony 2012: LIVE Updates From The Start Of London Olympics

LIVE: London Olympics Opening Ceremony

As far as most people are concerned, the 2012 London Olympics officially begin on Friday with the highly-anticipated Opening Ceremony helmed by Oscar-winner Danny Boyle. That some of the events have already taken place (including a thrilling comeback by the U.S. women's soccer team) won't detract from the "Isles Of Wonder"spectacle unfolding at the Olympic Stadium in London.

With its elaborate -- and somewhat still secret -- production, the 2012 Opening Ceremony will aim to produce moments as memorable as Muhammad Ali's inspiring torch lighting in Atlanta and the breathtaking long-range, pyrotechnic archery of Barcelona.

Stay tuned for live updates, commentary, images and video from the real-time rendition of the spectacle in London all the way through the televised version that airs later on NBC in the United States.

For those waiting for the stateside primetime broadcast, be warned there will be spoilers below.

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