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Opening Ceremony & DEERDANA Solve Holiday Procrastination With Printable Cards

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Procrastination is the biggest enemy to holiday-based success. From making travel plans to buying gifts, the habit is always lurking around the corner, telling you to put off your obligations and face potentially disastrous results. Without a doubt, there is one holiday custom that falls victim to laziness above all others: sending out holiday greeting cards.

So, if you're one of the millions of people who hasn't bought or mailed your cards yet, DEERDANA (and the post office's increased holiday staff) is about to make your day. Opening Ceremony teamed up with the snarky illustrator to give you one last chance to get on track and appear like you bought cards before all the good ones were purchased.

Download for FREE holiday greeting cards featuring FettyWap, Grimes, Run-DMC, & David Bowie on