The Olympics Opening Ceremony Drone Show Is Just So Damn Impressive

1,218 of the gizmos prove that machines want to dazzle us.

A squadron of 1,218 drones shape-shifted into a snowboarder and then the Olympic rings Friday during the Winter Olympics’ televised presentation of the opening ceremony in Pyeongchang, South Korea ― and it was as dazzling as it sounds. 

Check out this large-scale gizmo marvel.

According to Wired, the LED-lighted, foot-long quadcopters were guided into their intricate formations by Intel’s Shooting Star platform. An Intel spokeswoman confirmed to HuffPost that the maneuvers over Pyeongchang were prerecorded. A live performance was scrapped because “there were too many spectators standing in the area where the live drone show was supposed to take place,” the Pyeongchang organizing committee said in a statement.

The spectacular sight broke the Guinness World Record for number of drones flown at the same time, the spokeswoman said.