Opera Singer Takes Talent Show Down A 'Highway To Hell'

The judges admired her opera singing, but the AC/DC song really struck a chord.

Opera singer Cristina Ramos impressed the judges of "Spain's Got Talent" when she sang an aria beautifully. However, they really took note when the 37-year-old changed her tune and started singing AC/DC.

Ramos auditioned on the show earlier this week and started with a lovely opera song.

The judge's reaction was polite and respectful, as if they admired her, but weren't sure she was right for the show.

Suddenly, Ramos' music was interrupted by a loud guitar and she acted surprised.

But it was Ramos who surprised the judges when she ripped off her skirt and started singing a rip-roaring version of "Highway to Hell."

Ramos definitely struck a chord with the judges, one of whom pressed the gold buzzer allowing her to bypass further auditions and go straight to the live performance round.

Hear the complete performance below.