OppiKoppi Beer Drone To Deliver Booze To South Africa Festival-Goers (VIDEO)

WATCH: It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A Beer Drone

Still bummed that the tacocopter probably isn't making deliveries anytime soon? Haven't quite built your own burrito bomber or found a flying pizza delivery system yet? If you're a big fan of unmanned food delivery systems and planning to be in South Africa from August 8 to 10, then we just may have made your day.

The Oppikoppi music festival plans to have a beer drone on hand to deliver booze to festival-goers. Attendees will be able to order beer from their phones, to be delivered at the District 9 campsite. For now, the "drone" is hand-guided, but will eventually fly on a GPS grid.

Check it out:

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