Texans -- And Americans -- Need To Oppose SB6

It’s not right that our trans youth and adults are having to go through this.

The thought of someone policing how and where you should use the bathroom, is not only inhumane, but also none of their damn business. It’s hard enough trying to live unapologetic as you are. But now, we have the Trump Administration revoking guidances protecting transgender students. They have also said that transgender students and their protections are a, “States’ rights issue.” This is not only problematic, but also tragic for those students affected by this.

Seventy-five percent of trans students report feeling unsafe in school. The fact that the Trump Administration is doing nothing to ensure their safety and protection just proves that this administration, in the words Rep. Maxine Waters, is in fact, nothing but “scumbags.”

The Trump administration isn’t the only government entity that is creating these issues. The state of Texas is also on the verge of being on the wrong side of history as well. Our lawmakers are currently in session, hearing testimonies, and will be voting on a new bill, SB6. Which basically will force students and state citizens, to use the bathroom that fits their gender that was assigned at birth. Which will create more issues, including higher rates of assault and bullying.

A vote from the Texas senate is currently underway today. The fate and safety of Texas Transgender youth, lies in the hands of our elected officials. Our state is a very conservative and what most Texans would agree upon, a very religious and Christian state. It’s no secret that religion plays a huge role in this. Our elected officials are still creating laws that uphold or go hand in hand with their religious beliefs, and that’s very problematic.

Not every person has the same beliefs as each other. Which is the one of the great things about America. The freedom of religion and to believe what in and whom you want. Just because a person lives their life differently than you think they should or because of the fact that a person is seen as different, does not give anyone the “okay” to take away or police their basic human rights. Also, religious beliefs, regardless of what a person’s belief is, should not be a factor when deciding where a person should use the bathroom. Texans also have a bad habit of using this, their kids and family as an excuse to support this bill and at the end of the day, they sound so educated.

I honestly feel bad for those that say things like, “I don’t want my wife or daughter in the bathroom with some woman that was born male,” or “I don’t want my son or husband in the same bathroom as a man or boy that was born female.” These have to be some of the most obvious contradictions and insane statements that i hear. Basically, what their saying is, they’d rather have a male, who looks, talk and acts like a male, in the same bathroom as their daughters, rather than in the men’s restroom and they would rather the women and girls, in the same bathroom as their sons and husbands. Good luck explaining to school-aged boys and girls why a person who identifies with a gender opposite from the one they were assigned at birth, why they can’t use the bathroom that fits their current identity. Also, school aged kids and adults, can be very nasty and mean. Bullying is real and it happens at a very high rate to our trans youth and adults.

Imagine your child or children, yourself, or any loved one being picked on and made fun of because they are different. Imagine you, or your child being taunted everywhere you go and not feeling safe. Imagine having to hear threats and being assaulted, simply because you are different. Imagine you, your child, or loved one has to use the bathroom, and being scared because the government has told you that you have to use the one that is opposite if your gender identity. Which means, every time you go to use the bathroom in school, public, church, the mall, a club, or anywhere, you take a chance at being bullied or taunted. You also take a huge chance, every time you use the bathroom, at being assaulted or having to explain to police and everyone else, why you are using a restroom that obviously doesn’t fit your physical description.

It’s not right that our trans youth and adults are having to go through this. It’s not right that our government think that this is any of their business, when it’s not. It’s up to us, the citizens of Texas, to not only speak up and support our trans youth and older brothers and sisters, but to take a stand by calling our senators and elected officials. Telling them, that we oppose this bill and that they must vote no to SB6, for the sake of the safety and equal rights of all transgender Texans an American citizens.

I urge you, to call your state senator. I don’t care what state or city you are in. If you’re in Texas, you must call your senator ASAP! If you are out of state, call you senators. make them aware of what is going on in Texas if they don’t already know, and ask them to call Texas senators and oppose this bill. We need all the help we can get. The future and safety of our transgender youth adults, depends on it.

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