'The Opposition' Makes A Few Changes To Proposed MAGA Football League

"While the NFL is raising awareness for breast cancer, the MAGAFL will be raising awareness of breasts."

Win one for the Klepper.

“The Opposition with Jordan Klepper” on Tuesday devised an over-the-top blueprint for the Make America Great Again Football League.

Conservative news site Breitbart recently suggested that Vince McMahon turn his reported reboot of his long-defunct XFL into the MAGAFL to honor President Donald Trump. Breitbart’s vision would force players to stand for the national anthem, and award franchises to cities that support Trump.

But Klepper and comedian Tim Baltz pushed the idea even further on the Comedy Central show. In a bit that scored big points for satire, Baltz suggested arming the players with sticks and torches, and estimated “that only 1 percent of players will reach the end zone.”

“Brilliant,” Klepper replied. “So only the top 1 percent get to succeed. Now that, that’s America.”

Watch the gamesmanship above.



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