Oprah Parties In Sydney With Kristina Keneally, Show Guests (PHOTOS)

Oprah had another official welcome on Saturday, this time in Sydney. The Queen of TV partied it up at the city's Royal Botanic Gardens with 450 people, including Premier of New South Wales Kristina Keneally and all of her show's 302 guests, among others, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Jack Johnson, who was giving a concert in Sydney, stopped by to serenade the crowd. Oprah told the crowd: ''Sydney measures up to everything that everybody has ever told me - Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Everything they have told me is true. It is breathtaking, it takes you in. It is really fantastic. I love it.''

At the end of the evening, a huge fireworks display went off over Sydney Harbour Bridge, with an giant "O" illuminating the bridge, which will stay until Oprah departs.

Oprah told the Sydney Morning Herald that Stedman had told her he would take her to Sydney for her 50th birthday six years ago, and when he didn't, she planned this trip herself--as only Oprah can.

See photos of what appears to be a magnificent night, below.