The Best Gift Oprah's Ever Seen Is Something You Can Get For Anyone

It barely costs a thing.

Oprah’s been involved in more than a few lavish gift-giving events over the years, but one of the best gifts she says she’s ever seen is incredibly affordable and a “guaranteed winner,” no matter the recipient.

As Oprah told her “Oprah Show” audience during an after-the-show chat several years ago, this particular present is as timeless as it is thoughtful.

“The best gift I ever saw ― and that works for anybody, I swear, guaranteed, no matter the holiday ― is a ‘grateful journal’ done on a particular person,” she says.

In terms of cost, you only spend money on the journal or notebook, though Oprah does suggest a “nice, pretty” one, perhaps leather-bound. Regardless of which type of journal you buy, you’ll then write the recipient’s name on the front of the journal and fill in each page with one reason, big or small, that you’re grateful for that person in your life.

“It’s a guaranteed winner gift,” Oprah says.

And it’s not something that only makes sense for a particular holiday, she points out. “If you do that for anybody, for any occasion ... it will make the person love themselves so much,” Oprah says.

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