Oprah Considering Buying The Clippers

Oprah could become an owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, ESPN reported on Wednesday.

CBS News soon tweeted that it had confirmed the news.

Oprah already has her own line of tea, her own magazine, her own cable network, and her own Presidential Medal of Freedom, but there's clearly room for more stuff in her collection.

Both outlets said that the media mogul is mulling whether to join with fellow billionaires Larry Ellison and David Geffen in a bid for the team, which the NBA is attempting to wrest from current owner Donald Sterling in the wake of Sterling's racism scandal.

On Tuesday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling for life from the league.

Oprah was asked by TMZ on Tuesday whether or not she wanted to buy the Clippers. She said she wasn't interested. It wasn't clear what, if anything, may have changed her mind.

If she did join in a successful bid for the team, Oprah would be one of just two black primary owners in the NBA (Michael Jordan owns the Charlotte Bobcats).

Ownership of the Clippers would also allow her to take her singular talents to a very appropriate venue. After all, who better to introduce a starting lineup? Say it with us: "AND NOW, YOUR VERY OWN LA CLIIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRSSSS!"

Read more at ESPN.

Clarification: This post was updated to indicate that Oprah would be one of two black primary owners in the NBA. Shaquille O'Neal owns a minority stake in the Sacramento Kings.