Life After Death: Oprah, Eben Alexander Talk About Heaven (VIDEO)

Oprah: 'I Just Talked To The Man Who Saw God' (VIDEO)

Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander was a man of science until a near-death experience changed his entire perspective on life and faith. In his bestselling book Proof of Heaven, Dr. Alexander opens up about the rare form of meningitis that shut down part of his brain, and about how he feels he experienced heaven against all medical odds.

Now, Dr. Alexander is talking to Oprah. Their conversation, which Oprah says lasted for two hours, will air in a one-hour "Super Soul Sunday" on December 2 on OWN. "I just talked to a man who saw God," Oprah says. "He talks about how that experience of heaven has now changed the way he lives here on earth and how it can change the way we all live."

Oprah says Dr. Alexander agrees with a belief she's always had: that newborns and young children are still attuned to a spiritual realm. "Our brain acts as a filter or veil to affect the memories [of another realm] as we come back into this life," Dr. Alexander says. "In fact, I would say, newborns are still very freshly from that realm."

"I have always said that," says Oprah. "I say they come in trailing the breath of the angels.... That's why toddlers, 2- and 3-year-olds, they still have it. And then as you get older, you lose the sense of it. You lose the memory of it."

"That's right," he says. "Because the brain works with this veiling function to kind of cover that up so we don't have ready access to seeing that realm. And we kind of forget it."

"That makes me want to weep," says Oprah.

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