Oprah Edwards Interview: Elizabeth And John Speak Frankly On Affair, Cancer (VIDEO)

John and Elizabeth Edwards appeared together on "Oprah" Thursday, in an intensely -- maybe uncomfortably -- personal interview. Based on Elizabeth's new memoir, "Resilience," the couple discussed her discovery of her husband's affair in the midst of her battle with cancer.

Oprah asked John Edwards if he was made uncomfortable by the renewed scrutiny the book would bring. "I think that's up to her, you know?" he said. "This is -- this is -- that's what this whole -- this book is about, and it's what's inside her, what she feels. It's what it should be."

Asked if he thought Elizabeth would leave him when she found out about the affair, John said, "I didn't know. I think the honest truth is I didn't know. I didn't know what she would do. I don't think anybody does when they go through something like this."

While she was very frank, Elizabeth Edwards did place one condition on the interview -- that the name of John's mistress not be used. (It never appears in her book, either.) Oprah asked why. In her response, Edwards suggested Rielle Hunter is a fame-seeker who shouldn't be gratified.

"You know, somebody wants to stand in the light, you know, that shines on John, that's one thing," she said. "If they somehow, you know, work at destroying my family and my home in order to get into that light, I'm really not interested in them being in the light too much. It's not about this woman. It's about this family."

Edwards also said, when asked about her kids' response to the affair, that "maybe the cancer's a bigger thing in their lives than this woman's passing through."

Oprah concluded, "You can see that this a home with love. It's a great place. And one of the things that I said to Elizabeth, the thing that I gathered from reading her book, is that the only way it can work out is because there has been so much love between you."

Watch part of the interview:

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