Oprah: 'We're Living In A World Of Fear-Based Leadership'

...And, no, this doesn't mean she's planning to run for president.

Last week, Oprah hosted OWN’s third annual “SuperSoul Sessions” speaker series at UCLA, where spiritual and inspirational thought leaders like Tony Robbins and Glennon Doyle Melton gave talks to a live audience on a variety of topics ― and within the first talk, things turned to politics.

Sitting down for a Q&A with Seat of the Soul author Gary Zukav, Oprah directed the conversation toward the state of the country.

“We all know how polarized we are in the world today,” she said. “It seems like it’s just accepted, the more divided we are than ever.”

Zukav agreed. “We have an administration which is encouraging hate crimes, which is encouraging division, which is encouraging fear,” he said.

This prompted Oprah to address the current approach to governing. “We’re living in a world of fear-based leadership,” she said. “Which is only going to lead to more fear and more fear, and create more fear ― unless we, the people, can authentically align with ourselves.”

Suddenly, a voice from the audience called out: “Oprah for president!”

The audience exploded in applause. Oprah smiled. “No, thank you,” she said, over the cheers.

Watch the video above for a profound discussion of the existence of fear in governance, as well as Zukav’s idea for the way “authentic power” can combat the pursuit of external power that has led to today’s violence and destruction.

“SuperSoul Sessions” will be available to view for free (no authentication required) on the Watch OWN app and on WatchOWN.tv next month.



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