Oprah And Gayle's Road Trip: The Latest On The Memorable Friends They Met Along The Way (VIDEO)


In 2006, Oprah and her friend Gayle King embarked on what became a much talked-about (and hilarious) 3,000-mile road trip across the country. When they weren't cruising the highway in their red Chevy Impala, the two joined a local game of BINGO in Wichita, met some real-life cowboys on the range and crashed a wedding in Tulsa, surprising and amusing nearly everyone they came in contact with.

In spite of an anxiety-ridden moment on the George Washington Bridge, Oprah and Gayle completed their trip unscathed. When they returned to Chicago, Oprah handed over the keys to that red Chevy to a deserving woman named Reola Holdaway.

"There are good memories in that car," Gayle told Reola back then.

But whatever happened to Reola and her famous car? Or the newlyweds from Oklahoma? Or the small-town cowboys? "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" caught up with each of these road-trip characters to find out what they've been up to.

Watch the video above to see how many miles Reola put on the Chevy, meet the newlywed's new family and get the latest on the cowboys.

To see what "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" executive producers Jill Van Lokeren and Julie Simpson had to say about the rest of that episode, watch the video from HuffPost Live below.

"Oprah: Where Are They Now?" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.

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