The First Thing Oprah Does When Faced With A Crisis

She asks herself one important question.

No matter who you are, what you believe in or what you do for a living, you are not immune to crisis. At some point in our lives, everyone comes face to face with a crisis. Some are life-altering. Some are manageable. All can be opportunities, according to Oprah Winfrey.

During a recent talk for her "SuperSoul Sessions" digital series, Oprah took on the topic of overcoming crises in our lives. As she says in her speech, not even the strongest, fiercest, most enlightened spiritual person can maneuver through life avoiding the inevitable, so what's the best way to react when a crisis or personal trauma actually happens?

"Beneath the surface of all things is the true thing. In all circumstances, look for the truth of what is really happening," Oprah says.

In a crisis, the truth can often be revealed by taking a step back from the emotion, fear and chaos of the present moment, and instead asking yourself one powerful question.

"When crisis comes, the first thing I ask it is, 'What are you here to teach me?'" Oprah says. "When betrayal comes, when devastation comes, when loss comes, the first thing you ask it is, 'What are you here to teach me?'"

When you do this, she adds, you find clarity -- and, subsequently, a way to better shoulder the burden.

"It lessens the struggle. It loosens it up," Oprah says. "It becomes easier to bear."

In certain situations, asking such a loaded question can lead you down a path of assessing your own contribution to the crisis. Some people get caught up in the web of self-blame and begin viewing their crisis as a personal failure. Oprah, however, does not.

"I don't believe in failure. I believe failure is just information," she says. "It is information and opportunity to change your course."

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