Oprah Has An Ava DuVernay Barbie Doll, Proves She Fangirls Like The Rest Of Us

There are so many things to be jealous of in this picture.

Oprah got an Ava DuVernay Barbie doll for Christmas and she is totally psyched about it.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Queen O showed off her new Ava doll alongside the badass "Selma" director herself. 

"This was my favorite Christmas present from @therealadamsays," Oprah wrote on Instagram. "Now look at what's happened. LegendsBallOprah and @directher are Friends!"

The picture on the left shows O appropriately geeking out over her Ava doll, accompanied by DuVernay herself. The right picture features the Ava and Oprah Barbies hanging out. (Naturally, Oprah has a Barbie too.) Because everyone knows arranging a playdate for your doll doppelgänger is a pretty standard alternative to chilling IRL. 

The Ava Barbie doll was released in December as a limited edition Barbie and is currently sold out

If you need us, we'll be sitting on our computers constantly refreshing until Ava dolls are restocked. 

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