Oprah: I Did Not Snub Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

On Friday Oprah Winfrey explained her decision not to have Sarah Palin on her show. Despite a public endorsement of Obama off of the show, she has never discussed it on her show. She reminded viewers that she has always said she would not use her show as a platform, and that the last time she interviewed Obama on air was 2006, before he declared himself as a candidate for president.

On a panel that was discussing current world events, Oprah chatted with best friend Gayle King, Ali Wentworth (tv personality and wife of George Stephanopoulos) and Mark Consuelos (an actor married to Kelly Ripa) and pointedly said they would not be discussing the election.

Oprah also says how, after Michelle Obama's DNC speech, she was encouraged by staff to invite her on the show. She refused. Oprah also agreed that if she had conducted the same interview as Katie Couric, she would have been hammered.