Oprah: 'I Believe in Sharing Joy' (VIDEO)

Oprah Winfrey says that when she was a child, she was given a candy bar on occasion. But unlike most children, she didn't eat her Snickers or PayDay right away. Instead, she says in this clip from "Oprah's Lifeclass," she would wait -- sometimes days -- until her cousins stopped by, so she could share the joy.

“It wasn't as good if I could just eat it myself," she says. "It was always better if I could say, ‘Isn't that good?’ And it’s true for me, my whole life... If you’re watching a beautiful sunset, you want somebody else to see it. If you are reading a wonderful book, you want somebody else to read it. If you’re watching a great movie, you want somebody else to see it.“

Sharing joy, Oprah says, has always come naturally to her. “What I have learned is that when you do that, the energy of that sharing is what comes back to you,” she says. “That truly is the reason why I have so much joy in my own life: because I don’t mind giving it away.”