Oprah: OWN CEO Job '10 Times Harder Than Doing My Daily Show'

Oprah spoke out on Monday about her new role as CEO of the Oprah Winfrey Network. She also announced a new motto for the channel.

Writing on her Facebook page, Oprah reflected on her first week heading her struggling channel. (The woman she replaced, Christina Norman, was recently hired by The Huffington Post). The message came just days after Oprah made another publicity push for OWN, appearing at the Television Critic's Association conference with Rosie O'Donnell, who is launching a talk show on OWN in October.

Oprah got some business out of the way in the post, announcing that OWN has a new motto: "The Next Right Decision." But she was more focused on responding to a rather aggressive question she'd received on Twitter.

The question came from sportswriter (and HuffPost blogger) Michael Woods, who asked her on Twitter, "Are you frazzled because show ended, network doing poorly, mag sales down? Or did u foresee this?"

Oprah wrote back, "ALL mag sales are down as we move ever more to digital. Just had my first week at OWN. No regrets ending show. Onward!"

She expanded on this thought on Facebook:

@Woodsy1069 asked me on Twitter yesterday if I was 'frazzled' by OWN's performance thus far," she wrote. Nope, not frazzled. And I have faith that if I do what I'm supposed to--allow it to serve my purpose, and you, the viewer--it will succeed. Everyone in the cable business told me it would take 3 years. Some said 5. I've been here a week...I will say this; it's 10 times harder than doing my daily show. Doing that show felt like breathing everyday. Now I'm in so many meetings I sometimes have to step out and catch a breath. But I see every challenge as an opportunity. So no shortage of opportunities here.