Oprah Schools Instagram Hater With Receipts After Student Loan Diss

You get a clapback! You get a clapback! Everyone gets a clapback!

Besides pretending to know the lyrics to every Mariah Carey song, Oprah Winfrey will always be remembered for her seemingly unending generosity.

In just the last few months, the media titan has surprised a New Jersey high school with a $500,000 gift, donated $2 million to relief efforts in Puerto Rico and shut down Saks Fifth Avenue to buy a $10,000 wedding dress for one of her students at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

So, imagine the gall it would take to knock Winfrey for not being charitable enough.

That’s what happened when a salty Instagram user slid into the comments under a photo Winfrey posted celebrating the graduates of Colorado College, where she delivered a commencement address over the weekend.

“Should have paid off their student debt,” the follower wrote, tagging Morehouse College and adding an “lol.”

The social media user was likely referring to the promise billionaire technology investor Robert F. Smith made over the weekend at Morehouse College to eliminate the graduating class’ student loans. The philanthropist is reportedly pledging to donate a total of $40 million to nearly 400 grads.

Winfrey didn’t mention paying off anyone’s loans at Colorado College. But in fact, she announced a $1 million donation to Morehouse College back in 1989, when she gave the commencement address there.

The gift established a fund that has since grown to $12 million and provided scholarships for over 400 men, making the former talk show host one of the institution’s top donors in its history.

During the final episode of the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” some of the graduates that benefitted from the contribution surprised her by making their own $300,000 donation to the fund, bringing Winfrey and pretty much everybody in the audience to tears.

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