Oprah, Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis Talk About 'Lincoln' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Oprah's Full-Circle Moment With Steven Spielberg

In what turns out to be a full-circle moment, Oprah sits down with Academy Award-winners Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis at Dreamworks Studios in Los Angeles... in the same studio building where she first auditioned for Spielberg for her role in "The Color Purple."

"Welcome home," Spielberg tells her as they hug. "This is where we met in 1985."

"This film 'Lincoln' is a masterpiece," Oprah says. "I can't remember when I've experienced anything like [it]."

During the course of the "Oprah's Next Chapter" interview, Spielberg shares his process for creating the movie. "I don't know how else to make a movie except to find some aspect of the experience that I haven't done before," he says. "Because if I've done it before, I'm fearless, and I don't work well when I'm fearless."

He and Oprah are joined by notoriously shy Lincoln-portrayer Daniel Day-Lewis -- whom Oprah says is "like watching a hologram on screen" -- for a fascinating conversation about the "Lincoln" collaboration, Day-Lewis's yearlong immersion into the life of Abraham Lincoln, and how the film's cast created a “sacred space” on the set. Says Oprah, "I got [Daniel Day-Lewis] to talk!"

Oprah also shares a heartfelt conversation with two-time Oscar-winner Sally Field, who plays Mary Todd Lincoln in the Spielberg film.

Tune in to "Oprah's Next Chapter" on Sunday, December 2, at 9 ET on OWN to see the episode in its entirety.

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