Oprah Still Has to Deny the Gay Thing?

Oprah Still Has to Deny the Gay Thing?
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ABC News is flogging its upcoming Barbara Walters special (airing tonight at 9pm) by showing Oprah Winfrey, the subject of the 2-hour special, in tears. I love what Oprah has to say about her best friend Gayle King and feel lucky to have such friends in my life. The first question it made me ask myself was whether or not anyone would say this about me.

Other people have a different question: Why the tears? The implication seems to be that the waterworks belie the truth in what she's saying. The thing is, Oprah actually cries when she talks about Gayle, not when she states the nature of their relationship. I'd imagine this is because Oprah is not only a sexual abuse survivor who's managed to learn how to have non-sexualized relationships, but she is also a veteran interviewer. She knows what the next question is going to be. Maybe, just maybe, the thought that in 2010, having to talk about her sexual preference is depressing. She is a strong woman, all right, but please! I feel like I can see her thinking, is this what my life has come to? Is this all the further we've come?

That's enough to make me want to cry. How about you?

See the video here, at ABC News.

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