Oprah Surprised By Tina Fey's Question (VIDEO)

The tables were turned Tuesday on "Oprah."

Tina Fey and Steve Carell, on the show to promote their new movie "Date Night," came armed with some questions for the daytime queen.

Fey started with a softie, asking Oprah what she'd order if she could have dinner with anyone living or dead (the answer: she'd have Jesus over for fried chicken).

But then she surprised Oprah with a serious one.

"What is going on with you and Jamie Foxx?" Fey asked. "Because I feel like he might be in love with you."

"Why would you say that?" a surprised Oprah responded. "I think we're really good friends. It's a really good vibe. I like him, he likes me. We e-mail, text."

Oprah said she was impressed by Fey's question.

"That's good," she said. "That's a real question!"