What One Woman Found When She Dropped Everything In Search Of Something Deeper

Reshma, a young Indian-American woman from Chicago, says she always felt like something was missing in her chaotic life.

"I just go to work, come home, eat dinner by myself, wake up the next morning and do it all over again. I don't think God meant for us to live this way," explains Reshma, 32, in the video above.

So she quit her job, said goodbye to her family, and traveled to her spiritual homeland, India, in hopes of finding a deeper connection to herself, to other human beings, and to her religion.

Reshma’s search took her to the banks of the Ganges River for the Kumbh Mela, where every 12 years, millions of pilgrims flock to the river to wash away their sins and purify their souls. While she was there, Reshma says something extraordinary happened, which she reveals on OWN's upcoming documentary series, "Belief." Check local listings here.

“I had seen the 'Planet Earth' years ago on Discovery, and I wanted to be able to create for the spirit what ‘Planet Earth’ was for our physical world,” Oprah Winfrey says of her new series, which premieres Sunday, Oct. 18 at 8 p.m. “Reshma was one of those stories. There are a lot of people who feel disconnected from themselves, who feel like their life is not whole.”

For Reshma, the search was worthwhile. "I found connection,” she explains. “I really was looking for a sense of peace, and compassion, and love and connection to other human beings, and through that, I found the connection to myself I was looking for.”

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