Oprah Winfrey 'Steve Harvey Show': Media Maven Responds To Terrence Howard's 'Tig Ol' Bitties' Comment

Within the last week Terrence Howard has made headlines over comments stemming from his much-talked about love scene with Oprah Winfrey in the forthcoming Lee Daniels film, “The Butler.” And as expected, the media maven took notice to the actor’s comments about her and her “tig ol' bitties.

During a special taping of the “Steve Harvey” show this week in Chicago, Winfrey responded to her co-star’s remarks about their salacious scene together.

“It was supposed to be this little scene and because Terrence Howard misbehaved it turned into a bigger scene, and then a bigger scene,” she explained to Harvey. “He’s a misbehaving kind of boy…he was on Twitter the other day talking about my ‘breasteses. (sic)’”

“Some people called me saying that they all were offended and I go, ‘Well, I do have big breasteses’.”

For Harvey, having the Queen of Media on his syndicated daytime show, which is scheduled to air on April 26, felt like the “ultimate role reversal.”

“Oprah introduced me to a whole new audience when she had me on her talk show years ago,” he said in a press release for the episode. “So to now have her as a guest on my own show, in my first season, is a dream come true.” And as Oprah told Steve during the taping, “This feels like the ultimate role reversal!”

Check out a preview of the episode in the clip above.



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