6 Of Oprah's Favorite Summer Recipes

Summer is an invitation to pure delight. It's sleeping a little later, reading a little longer, calling an old friend for a spur-of-the moment lunch. It's fresh fruit and vegetables, and the kinds of recipes you see here.
Fit for a King
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"This grilled-peach and arugula salad is Gayle's favorite," says Oprah. "Whenever she comes over, we do peach cobbler, peach sorbet, roasted peaches—whatever makes her happy."

Get the recipe: Grilled-Peach and Arugula Salad

The Perfect Mocktail
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Fresh grapes and pear; a mixture of grapefruit, passion fruit, lemon and lime juices; plus club soda and ginger ale come together in this refreshing twist on a classic summer drink.

Get the recipe: Virgin White Sangria

Go Nuts!
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Oprah says, "This quinoa salad is delicious with Marcona almonds, but I sometimes substitute toasted pine nuts, because everything tastes better with toasted pine nuts!"

Get the recipe: Quinoa Salad with Lemon-Shallot Dressing

The Most Refreshing Iced Tea
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Simmered fresh raspberries, sugar and orange juice are the keys to this iced tea's bright and tangy flavor.

Get the recipe: Raspberry Iced Tea

Fave Rave
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Oprah eats a salad every day for lunch, and this chopped salad is her favorite. "The vegetables are all cut fine, fine, fine. It's a very ladies-who-lunch kind of dish!"

Get the recipe: Chopped Salad

Sipping Pretty
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On a sunny day in Santa Barbara, Oprah and O staffers cooled off with these tasty drinks. You can make them without alcohol or add vodka to turn them into cocktails.

Get the recipe: Honeydew-Basil Chiller

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