Oprah's Favorite Things -- 2013 Edition!

Oprah's Favorite Things -- 2013 Edition!


"This is the ultimate, ultimate list of my Favorite Things," says Oprah. Why? Because no matter who's on your holiday list, you'll find everything from the whimsical stocking stuffer to the over-the-top indulgence.

See a selection of this year's picks here, then pick up a copy of the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine -- on newsstands November 12.

Present Cake

present cake

"Calling Sam Godfrey a baker doesn't do the man justice: He is the Matisse of desserts. His latest creation is this moist, delicious chocolate cake, layered with salted caramel truffle cream and wrapped in fondant and a white-chocolate bow. It's a happy way to end a holiday dinner." -- Oprah

Genevieve Boots

Genevieve boots

"Love, love, love! I think these new tall boots from Ugg Australia are gorgeous -- they can be worn up or cuffed down, and the leather bow and piping make them extra special. Uggs are still the warmest boots I own." -- Oprah

Carmona Canapé and Dessert Plates

canapé and dessert plates

"The only thing more chic than a white bone-china plate is a white bone-china plate with a fabulous shape. Event planner Tammy Carmona designed these." -- Oprah

(Wave Pointed Canapé, Originally $30 for 4, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; CarmonaNY.com)

(New Leaf Dessert Plates, Originally $52 for 4, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; CarmonaNY.com)

Oprah & Deepak’s Meditation Master Trilogy

meditation trilogy

"You'll be profoundly changed by this meditation experience that I created with my friend Deepak Chopra. Whether you're a first-time meditator or have been doing it for years, this master trilogy -- available via CD or download -- will help light a path to your most abundant destiny." -- Oprah

PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

cordless electric kettle

"I couldn't get by without my tea; I keep this electric kettle in my office so I can brew the perfect cup anytime. It boils up in a flash and—because different teas require different degrees of heat -- it has six temperature settings." -- Oprah

Washi Tins And Chai Oolong Tea

chai oolong tea

"One thing Stedman and I have without fail is our morning chai, and my favorite is Teavana's Maharaja Chai Oolong -- an intoxicating blend with notes of cinnamon, ginger, clove, and cardamom. Mmm -- it's so delicious, I often drink it for dessert." -- Oprah

(Washi Tins, $11 each; Teavana.com)

(Chai Oolong Tea, $13 per 2 ounces; Teavana.com)

T-fal ActiFry


"Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I went gaga over this gadget, which lets you fry four servings of potatoes using only a tablespoon of oil. A truly low-fat French fry! Heaven has arrived." -- Oprah

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

"Take this reader to the beach! A higher-contrast screen cuts glare outdoors, while a built-in light reduces eyestrain indoors. An orange leather cover makes it feel like a treasured volume." – Oprah

(Kindle Paperwhite, $119; Amazon.com)

Bigarade Shower Gel And Body Milk

shower gel and body milk

"I don't do perfume, but I do bodywashes and creams, and Frédéric Malle's luscious blend of bitter orange, rose, and cedar is amazing. I love the way it smells -- so clean, so fresh, just the right amount of fragrance without being overpowering." -- Oprah

(Shower Gel, $75 and Body Milk, $95; FredericMalle.com)

Quilted Nylon Barn Jacket

barn jackets

"I'm crazy about barn jackets, and this is the best of the bunch -- diamond-quilted nylon in jewel tones with fancy embellishments like contrasting corduroy trim and a printed lining." -- Oprah

($128 each; CWonder.com)

Beats Studio Headphones

Beats headphones

"It's no secret that Beats are my favorite headphones, and the latest version is the best yet: Besides the usual crisp sound and comfy ear cups, this lightest-ever model has new noise-canceling technology and can be charged via USB port." -- Oprah

Organic Cotton Pajamas

organic cotton pajamas

"Now, this is the kind of thing I prefer to sleep in, because it feels like a second skin. Made of supersoft organic pima cotton, these pajamas come in three colors -- my favorite is this chartreuse." -- Oprah

(V-Neck Long-Sleeved Tee, Originally $74, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; SkinWorldwide.com)

(Double-Layer Pant, Originally $148, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; SkinWorldwide.com)

Enrico Products Spiral Salad Bowl And Servers

salad bowl and servers

"Hand-carved out of reclaimed mango wood, this sizable bowl is perfect for dinner party salads and fruit bowl duty alike. Available in six colors, it's a festive gift for a Christmas open house." -- Oprah

(Enrico Products Spiral Salad Bowl, $54; Amazon.com)

(Enrico Products Spiral Servers, $22; Amazon.com)

Qooq Touch Kitchen Tablet

kitchen tablet

"I'm a refrigerator chef -- I cook whatever I have on hand. That's why I think the Qooq touch tablet is fantastic: It's loaded with 1,000 recipes searchable by ingredient, with videos that show exactly how that cream sauce is supposed to look." -- Oprah

($399; Qooq.com)

Custom Illustrated Pillow

illustrated pillow

"Send in a photo of your pet, and this company will create a hand-drawn illustration of her, print it on a Belgian linen case and use it to cover a goose down pillow." -- Oprah

(Originally $395, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; CharlesFradinHome.com)

Circle Candlestick Holders

candlestick holders

"Don't you just hate it when you're at a dinner party and the centerpiece is blocking your view? Well, these elegant, 24kt-gold-plated candlestick holders eliminate the problem -- and they're O shaped to boot!" -- Oprah

(Originally $75 to $150 each, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; LunaresHome.com)

Amaryllis Gervase Bulb Kit
amaryllis bulb kit

"This all-in-one kit contains a white flowerpot, growing material, and a Dutch amaryllis bulb -- everything you need to produce gorgeous blooms. Bonus: It comes in a pretty box topped with silk amaryllis flowers, so you don't even have to wrap it." -- Oprah

Andre Walker Styling Products

hair styling products

"Andre Walker has saved me from more bad-hair days than I can count. Since I won't share him, here's the next best thing: His Gold System, which includes moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, styling gelée that defines kinky hair and styling crème for when you want to go straight." -- Oprah

(Originally $18 to $22 each, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; AndreWalkerHair.com)

Caddylicious Stationery Set

stationery set

"E-mails are incredibly convenient, but they'll never replace the real thing. This set of cards, envelopes, mailing labels, and notepad, all in a sleek Lucite caddy, gives new meaning to literary style." -- Oprah

(Originally $300, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; DabneyLee.com)

Monogram Gloves

monogram gloves

"Made of supple Italian leather and lined with cashmere, these gloves are already pretty close to perfect. But add a hand-painted custom monogram by artist Logan Real, and I'm so sold." -- Oprah

(Opera length, $250; MarkandGraham.com)

(Classic length, $150; MarkandGraham.com)

Butter London Nail Polish

nail lacquers

“I absolutely love this set. Not only are all the lacquers toxin-free, they come in a range of colors, because "nude" means different things to different people.” -- Oprah

(The High Tea Collection, $65 for a set of 8; ButterLondon.com)

Pickwick and Weller T Shirts


“Codesigned by Ashton Kutcher, these T-shirts are supersoft, long, and luxurious—but without the luxury price tag. I have them in every color.” -- Oprah

(Originally $136 for 4, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; PickwickWeller.com)

Harry Barker Dog Toys

dog chew toys

“What do you get the dog who has everything? Well, maybe just a little bit more! Squeaky, durable, and eco-friendly, these chew toys -- made in two sizes so both little and big dogs can play -- are a guaranteed pup pleaser.” -- Oprah

(Originally $68 for large dog set, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; HarryBarker.com)

Jonathan Adler Jewelry Box

jewelry box

“Here's one storage item you won't want to stash away: This velvet-lined jewelry box by design guru Jonathan Adler has a glossy orange marbled exterior and gold foil details, making it as stylish as the baubles you'll put inside.” – Oprah

(Toulouse jewelry box, $295; JonathanAdler.com)

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Gear watch

“At last, a polite way to check calls, texts, and e-mails when you're in a meeting. This Samsung Galaxy Gear watch will discreetly notify you of incoming messages as long as it's within a five-foot radius of your Galaxy Note 3 smartphone. And everyone will think you're just looking at the time.” -- Oprah

(Watch, $300; Samsung.com)

Turkish T Sweaters

cashmere-wool sweater

“Comfy and cozy without being schlumpy, this cashmere and Himalayan wool sweater is a terrific thing to wear for brunch or shopping.” -- Oprah

(Originally $225 each, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; Turkish-T.com)

Susan Hanover Earrings

colored gem earrings

“These earrings are just the right combination of pretty (colored gems) and interesting (they're encircled in oxidized sterling silver and crystals). Bonus: They look much more expensive than they actually are.” -- Oprah

(Susan Hanover, $220 per pair; Fragments.com)

SeeHome Desk Magnifier

reading glasses

“These reading glasses come in 12 stylish frame colors and are chained to a weighted base, so you can keep them on a desk or kitchen counter in, well, plain sight.” -- Oprah

(SEE-Home Desk Magnifier, originally $49 each, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; Ameico.com)

Baby Love

embroidered baby bibs

“Here's what the well-dressed baby is wearing this season. Presented in a woven basket, these hand-embroidered organic cotton bibs slip right over the head, with no hard snaps or scratchy Velcro.” -- Oprah

(Set of 3 bibs, originally $79, now 20 percent off with code OPRAH; BurtsBeesBaby.com)

Steak Knives Set

steak knives

“The way utensils feel is important to me, and these well-designed, cherry-red-handled, stainless-and-carbon steel knives are like magic. Handmade in Italy, each knife is created by a single artisan, whose initials appear on the blade.” -- Oprah

(Coltellerie Berti for Match Convivio Nuovo steak knives, $475 for a set of 6; Didriks.com)

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