Oprah's Kickoff Party Flash Mob Dance (VIDEO)

A group of 21,000 dedicated fans surprised Oprah Tuesday at her season kickoff party by performing a synchronized dance to 'Oprah Feelin,' the Black Eyed Peas' remix of their hit song, 'I Gotta Feeling.'

Oprah was wowed. "That is so cool! That is so cool! That is the coolest thing ever!!!" she yelled from the stage. "Chicago, I love you! That was the coolest thing ever!"

Later she tweeted about the surprise performance: "Oh my! Wanna make yourself happy? Watch this. Please retweet!"

After a summer of reruns, Oprah returns Monday, September 14 with new episodes. The premiere includes a two-part interview with Whitney Houston, which Oprah has called one of her best interviews ever.


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