Oprah's Mind-Blowing Giveaway Moments Prove This Woman Is Basically A Saint (GIFS)

We all know that Oprah is the queen of all media, a movie star and just all-around amazing -- but she could also be considered a bona fide saint thanks to her mind-blowing generosity.

From her famous "Favorite Things" giveaways to opening a girls school in South Africa, Oprah is in the business of making people's wildest dreams come true. And her business is always booming!

In celebration of Oprah's 60th birthday, we've pulled together six of her most mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and heart-warming charitable moments .

1. No one will ever forget the time she gave EVERYONE in the studio audience cars. #EPIC

2. The time she surprised military spouses with an all expense paid trip for two to Fiji! #Saint

4. To kickoff her farewell season, Oprah sent 300 of her "ultimate" fans on an eight-day trip to Australia. #WhoDoesThat #Oprah

5. There was also that time Oprah gave a deserving single mother, who holds three jobs, and her family an all expense paid trip to Italy...paid off her entire $78,000 debt from her children's college loans...and gave her a year off from working with an entire year's salary! #Unreal

6. Our hearts completely melted when Oprah personally financed the rebuilding of 65 homes for families displaced by Hurricane Katrina with a pledge of $10 million. #Major

The list could go on and on and on! Happy Birthday, Oprah -- and thank you for the magic!

And let's not forget that this woman's got plenty of style...

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