This Supercut Of Oprah's Tech Giveaways Is A Hilarious Reminder Of How Far We've Come

"It's a wireless emailer at your fingertips!"

Nowadays, it’s no big deal to carry thousands of books on one compact e-reader, navigate busy streets to avoid emerging traffic jams in real time, or even plan an entire vacation getaway with a few taps on your phone. Yet, there was a time not terribly long ago when we were all super impressed with far simpler technologies.

Twenty years after Oprah’s Favorite Things debuted on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Oprah.com took a look back at some of these “impressive” tech giveaways that had people across the country shrieking in excitement. We’re talking flip phones that took digital photos, a “wireless emailer at your fingertips” (no, not a phone), an iPod that held 3,700 songs, a $1,400 GPS system, a camcorder that used an actual DVD to record video and plenty more pieces of technology. The supercut above shows off these innovations in a hilarious flashback that brings to mind an age-old platitude: My, how far we’ve come.

Another Favorite Things memory:



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