This Makeup Artist's Epic Optical Illusions Will Make Your Head Spin

Goodbye, productivity. Hello, hours of scrolling through these Instagrams.

This makeup artist is so good, it’s scary. And we mean actually scary.

Mimi Choi, an extraordinarily talented artist based in Vancouver, uses her face as a canvas to create optical illusions that will twist your face off.

She shares her designs with over 130,000 Instagram followers, promising there is no Photoshop involved in creating the mind-bending images (unless noted, as seen in one psychedelic video look embedded down below).

These aren’t the kind of masterpieces the average makeup lover will easily DIY at home, but at least the products are common. Choi uses brands like NYX and Make Up For Ever to accomplish her complex looks.

But if you do want to attempt these dizzying faces, you’ll have to do it without Choi’s help. She doesn’t post tutorials, because she doesn’t necessarily start a look with a clear idea of what it might look like. “Most of the time I don’t actually know what I’m trying to achieve or if it’s even going to be successful at all,” she wrote a recent Instagram.

If misplaced eyeballs and twisted-off faces aren’t really your thing, perhaps you should feast your eyes on Choi’s impressive, delicious-looking sushi makeup that she paints on her hands.

It’s no illusion ― this woman is all talent. Check out more of Choi’s dizzying designs below.